Waterproof Digital Food Cooking Thermometer Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Kitchen BBQ Grill Smoker

Measuring range: -50°C to 250°C
Resolution: 0.1°C/0.2°F
Accuracy: ±1°C at-20°C to200°C
Case material:Eco-friendly ABS plastic
Probe material : Food safety 304 stainless steel
Electric Power source: 3V button battery (included)
Power saving: 10 minu

This New digital meat thermometer---

Best Folding Probe for 3-4S Ultra Fast Measuring

Fits in Shirt or Trouser Pocket

The Probe Can Be Folded Away, It Can’t Break Off or Cause Any Harm or Damage. 

Digital meat thermometer ----- Easy take, Easy use, good assistant for cooking and BBQ Grill!


BBQ thermometer  features       

•Measuring range: -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572F)

•Resolution: 0.1°C/0.2°F

•Accuracy: +/-1°C( -2°F )at-20°C to200°C(-4F to 392F),+/-2°C( 4°F )at other rang

•Case material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic

•Probe material : Food safety 304 stainless steel

•Power source: 3V button battery 

•power saving: 10 minutes auto-off

•Foldable probe Diameter:3.5mm

•Super fast response time of 3-4s 

•Inside magnet on backside

•Bright white backlit 

•Min max temperature record

•Can be calibrated in 0°C

•Waterproof design