Company Mission: 

Improving human health, spreading healthy culture, repaying to our society with our feelings, promoting social progress of civilization.

Spirit of Company:

Daring to be the first, fighting our way upward, working hard, innovating pragmatically and science harmonious.
Company purpose:

Advancing with times, guiding the trend, starting the future and serving human.
Business goals:

Being the model in our industry and being famous in the world brand.

Company value:
Brand + Staff + Dedication = the Value of Company.
Corporate philosophy:

Concept guides the ideas, ideas promote innovation, quality casts brand, efficiency improve speed, science creates perfect.
Business strategy:

Brand image, market forerunner, integration of resources, overall coordination, implementing step by step, advancing lengthways.

Business philosophy:
Persistent to work hard, promotion of marketing by open, creation an environment, extension of market with our service.

Management philosophy:

Standardizing the behavior on system basis, get our team together on affinity basis, driving the development by mechanism, changing the status and achieving our goal with our strategy.
Management policy:

Making use of standardized management as the foundation, expanding market as a platform, products innovation as the pillar, upgrading technology as the bridge, treating excellent quality as guarantee and the first-class modern operation skills as management objects.
Talent concept:

People first, value embodying, implementation the combination between capital and wisdom.
Quality policy:

Everybody is got involved; the leaders need attention, taking special emphasis, creation in science, accessing to the market with excellent quality.  
Quality standard:

The standard of products is equal to the satisfaction of our customers (users).
Quality concept:

Quality casts Cabin brand and make Cabin famous all over the world.
Market concept:

Building a “partnership” environment on the basis of “win-win benefits, getting production and marketing together because of our common fate.
Service concept:

Customer first, integrity-based!
Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!